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Our function must remain unchanged: 

" An honest and sincere effort to assist the Physically Challenged to reach their goals, to become or continue to be satisfied and productive in their lives, and to be comfortable during the process "

About Us

My name is Andrew A. Cinque, Certified Prosthetist & Orthotist (CPO); Certified by the American Board for Certification in Prosthetics and Orthotics (ABC) since 1984, having graduated from New York University in 1982, and immediately starting my career at JK Prosthetics & Orthotics Corp., out of Mount Vernon, NY, only about 20 minutes north of New York City. 

I came from a very traditional Italian family. My Father, Tony Cinque was a NYC Taxi Cab driver. I also drove a Cab in NYC and loved every second of it as I soon realized that being in touch with people is what I needed to do with my life. Driving race cars and Bodybuilding, my only other interests at the time, didn't go over too well with the family as a career opportunity back in the 70's.  

Tony owned and operated the Cab for 30 years until he became diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his ankle which interestingly enough was considered to be the result of overexposure to radiation as a means to treat psoriasis. I also have a younger brother, Anthony (Tony Jr.) Cinque who was born with Downs Syndrome. Considering my immediate family experiences,  I am no stranger to caring for the disabled and understanding the needs and wishes of those who wish to strive for a "normal" life to enjoy being productive members of society. I know what it is to have patience, and I know what it is to understand the frustrations of people who feel as though every day is an effort to get up and go about their activities of daily living. 

I am relentless, and thoughtful of every step that so many people take for granted. Even with 30+ years of experience, I continue to enhance my performance by attending professional seminars and meeting and I regularly participate in educational workshops.  I am a realistic idealist, who blends traditional quality with innovative technology, to help my patients and those in other related walks of life. Those who simply need guidance to help themselves,  find the motivation to be productive, and never look back to what they can't do but rather what they CAN do. This all takes effort, strength of mind, courage to forge ahead, and wisdom to lead the way. My specialties in the field of Prosthetics & Orthotics are in that of specifically treating the neurologically or traumatically impaired,  in addition to congenital abnormalities. In addition I have managed Clinical functions with a traditional team approach, technical and administrative shop management, and extensive research in Resins, and Composites as it pertains to custom fabrication. 

My client's best interest is my mission. Having started off in the field of Prosthetics and Orthotics before the booming computer age, and before the surge of plastics technology, I became appreciative of the hands on, crude way of manufacturing and grew up in business through intensive research and development. Today, technological advancements of our products sometimes overwhelms the ability for average practical use. But really, who can stop us? If you can't figure out all the uses of your smartphone, you ask and learn, right ? Therefore, if you can't negotiate those steps in your house after your hip replacement, or back surgery, or if you are healthy enough to run a marathon but your insurance won't pay for the new prosthesis you need, you ask and BionicRehab helps !

The concept of "Rehab" stretches into all aspects of our lives. Married with the technological advancements available at our disposal, decades of experience, and when used correctly and efficiently, we can offer services to account for whatever in life needs to be fixed. Please see our Partners Page and begin to explore a newly Rehabilitated way of life. 

Welcome, to I hope that the resources you will find on this site will help to reassure that BionicRehab will be an intragal part of attaining your goals. Remember, "REHAB" is NOT a focused, concentrated term used for any one need to change. Anyone, may need some sort of REHAB, and aside from my core business of Prosthetics & Orthotics in Physical Rehabilitation, there may be other aspects of your life that may require significant attention.

Contact me with your concerns.

Check out those with whom I have partnered to help you along your path, and together we can make great things happen.


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